Fines and Fees

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Display fines paid history for patron Show a history of paid fines for a patron including details of date paid, payment method, type of fine, related items.
Add  Fine calculator Fine Calculator calculates total fines owed if patron pays today, as well as subtotal of selected overdue items in checked-out list.
Add  Report patron to collection agency For participating libraries, report information for patrons that meet criteria based on money owed and age of overdue or billed items. Place a block on the patron record to prevent further circulation from the patron. Send daily updates of balance changes to the collection agency.
Add  Pay fines Record payment type, amount, location, and staff. Reduce the patron's outstanding balance by the amount of the payment.
Add  Charge types Ability to record charge type for every transaction. Charge types include Overdue, Replacement, Donation, Manual Charge, Copying, etc. Additional charge types can be configured.
Add  Partial payments Ability to collect partial payments or waive partial charges on selected items in fines list.
Add  Waiving fine comments When waiving charges, provide an option to add comments, such as the type of waiver.
Add  Remove patron from collection agency reporting If a patron has paid their outstanding balance, automatically remove any circulation blocks and alerts from the patron record.
Add  Associate bill with an item depending on bill reason. If a bill is related to item, record and link the related item to the bill
Add  Patron in collections penalty type