Fines and Fees

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Billing for library cards Billing, by registering library, for library cards.
Add  Adjust fines Authorized staff can adjust the amount of an exisiting bill.
Add  Collections flagging Flag patron record for Collections processing if account is greater than some configurable limit, and some configurable number of days have elapsed since sending of a billing notice. Eligibility limits may differ per patron type.
Add  Charges picklist System provides a picklist of typical fine descriptions. Picklist can be edited as desired by staff with administrative privileges.
Add  Refund paid fines Refund a credit on the patron account and remove the amount of the refund from their account.
Add  Add manual fines Authorized staff can add a manual bill to a patron record. Record the staff, location, and the reason for the bill along with the amount.
Add  Calculate fine automatically when overdue item is checked in. When an overdue item is checked in, the total outstanding fine for the item is immediately availalble.
Add  Billing notices Send billing notice to patron when account balance reaches a configurable threshold. An item is billed to the patron account when it is overdue by a configurable number of days. (System calculates and assesses the correct charge to the patron's account.)
Add  Set item type maximum fine Set maximum fine based on item type (e.g. generic=.50) AND not to exceed cost of item.
Add  Single click to bill payment function Ability to link to a bill payment function in a single step for checkins that trigger a fine or fee