Fines and Fees

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Staff damage fee options
Add  Credit card at self check-out Ability to pay fines by credit card at self-check out machine
Add  Backdated fines removed Any fines resulting from original check-in are removed once retroactively backdated.
Add  Refund option Staff can issue refunds on accounts with negative balances.
Add  Payment notes in pop-up When adding note to a payment, the current text shows as default in a pop-up window, so it can be appended or over-written.
Add  List patrons which are due refunds or have negative balance The system has the ability to run a report of accounts with users with overall negative balances, including the balance owed and last billing activity time, optionally filtered by home org. The report also captures patrons with any refundable transaction, and provides an option for issuing refunds for selected accounts on the resulting list.
Add  Manual staff blocks Manual and collections blocks are set manually by staff.
Add  Latest user data for payments Staff and users can now only pay using the latest user data, which prevents accidental/duplicate payments against the same transaction or against stale data.
Add  Fines link to item record Fines link to item record details
Add  Fine record comments The fine record includes a comments field, editable by staff. Comments can be added and edited.