Fines and Fees

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  View accrued fines Ability to view accrued fines to date for overdue materials
Add  Select specific bills to pay Ability to select specific bills to pay and the amount to allocate to each
Add  Pay fees online Ability for patron to pay fines and fees online via credit card.
Add  Unpaid fines, detail view Unpaid Fines detail view includes: Name, patron number, check-out date, due date, last renewal date, check-in date (could be back-dated), actual date item was returned, actual time item was returned, location where item was returned, station where item was returned, as well as item barcode, charge type (overdue, billed, etc.), call number, author, title, item charge (put dates in logical date order).
Add  Unpaid fines, summary view Unpaid Fines summary view displays a list of unpaid fines, including charge type, title, location code, amount, item barcode, check-in date. Sort by check-in date (reverse chronological order) by default, and allow ascending or descending sort by any column. When specific fines are selected, system displays subtotal of selected fines, in addition to the total of all fines.
Add  Fines item record details Fines in all views (paid and unpaid; summary and detail) link to item record details where applicable.
Add  Remove fines-related blocks Remove fine-related blocks (maximum fines block, collections block, etc.) immediately when charges are paid down to required threshold, whether payment is at customer service desk, at self check, or online.
Add  Once 'lost' bill for the cost System shall cancel any accruing overdue charges and create a bill for the cost of the item plus the standard processing fee
Add  Assign payment reason Ability to assign the following payment reasons: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Cancel, Forgive, Other
Add  Set blocks for overdue accounts Ability to automatically block an account that has any billed transaction that is older than 'x' days