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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Long overdue circulation management Special settings and actions for items that are long overdue (i.e. very late) but not known to be missing.
Add  Unlimited patron transactions No limit on the number of patron transactions over time, such as check-out or check-in.
Add  Reserve item for specific future date Reservation or booking function allows items to be reserved for a date in the future (e.g., for a book club)
Add  Handle exceptions without rescan Ability to handle exceptions and warnings without requiring rescanning of any item in the stack
Add  Multiple RFID tag handling Ability to read and process multiple RFID tags with appropriate handling of exceptions
Add  Lost items processing Add messages to item and patron record, assess charge to patron, update item status to lost and remove from patron’s checked out items.
Add  Check current item status Check the current status of items.
Add  Claim return transaction tracking Ability to process and track Claim Return transactions
Add  Change claims returned count for patron
Add  Accept individual library cards Each participating library in a shared system can have their own library card (separate library cards)