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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Place multiple holds on a single title Ability for staff to easily place multiple holds on a single item.
Add  Require holds be picked up at a service desk Ability to require that holds be picked up at a service desk; either all of a specified patron's holds, or all of the holds on a specified item, or both.
Add  Option to disallow use of a branch as a pickup library for holds Ability to remove a branch from the available list of holds pickup locations.
Add  Copy level holds placed by staff The system allows a hold to be placed on a specific, single item or copy on a bib record by staff (no patron-placed item holds)
Add  Multiple hold types to manage items with parts and volumes The system offers multiple types of holds to manage items with specific parts and volumes which share a single bib record
Add  Pull list fields Ability to define pull list fields.
Add  Suspended holds stay in queue Suspended (frozen) hold requests should continue to ascend in the hold queue
Add  Unsuspend requests Staff have the ability to unsuspend (unfreeze) a suspended (frozen) request
Add  Print hold slips automatically System parameter determines at what point hold slips are automatically printed. By default, hold slips are printed when hold is triggered at check-in.
Add  Transfer holds to another bib record Ability to transfer holds from one title to another.