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Add  Holds mail delivery System supports mail delivery of holds. Patrons have the option to select mail delivery and provide a delivery address. Charges for mail delivery are added to the patron's account. Do not allow the patron to select mail delivery if the outstanding charges exceed a specified amount.
Add  Staff can batch cancel holds Cancel holds as a batch operation from a list of holds, titles, or items, with option to disable notices.
Add  Single holds queue for bib and item level holds Maintain single hold queue for bibliographic and item level holds. If an item has an item level hold, and a bib level hold was placed before it, fill the bib level hold first.
Add  Staff override of requestable items System allows staff to make a specific item holdable (requestable) or unholdable, overriding requesting rules.
Add  Locations that do not fill holds Staff can designate branches or branch shelving locations that will not fill holds.
Add  Holds on non-circulating items Ability to place holds on non-circulating items, such as new issues of magazines.
Add  Patron holds list - staff client Patron record screen provides a tab showing patron's holds list.
Add  Automatically cancel hold on missing items Ability to automatically cancel outstanding holds when the last qualifying copy is identified as Missing
Add  Set patron hold limits Ability to limit the number of current unfilled holds on a patron's account by item type (e.g. maximum of 5 unfilled holds on DVD, 10 on Books, etc.)
Add  Hold fulfillment suspended for date range Ability for staff to suspend the fulfillment of an unavailable hold for a specified date range