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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Specify hold pickup location Ability for patrons or staff to specify a hold pickup location
Add  First match satisfies volume hold Ability for volume-level holds to be satisfied by the first matching copy, regardless of which branch owns the copy
Add  Dup hold prevention Ability to prevent more than one active hold request per library card on a single monographic title
Add  Change pickup location for all holds by patron
Add  Staff can extend Hold pickup deadline
Add  Staff can move patron to top of Hold queue
Add  Generate holds pull list by branch Ability to generate separate on-shelf hold reports by branch
Add  Intiate hold from patron screen From the patrons screen, under holds, clicking place hold will bring up an embedded catalog. Placing a hold from the embedded catalog will automatically generate a hold for the current account of the patron you are viewing.
Add  Sort pull list by any field Available Holds Pull List ability to sort results by: location, call number, title, author, patron, and date hold placed
Add  Hold paging lists (pull list) Hold paging lists should provide sufficient information to uniquely identify materials, including specific magazine issues and volumes in a multi-volume set or series.