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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Closed branch skipped during hold targeting
Add  Customizable hold slips
Add  Option to disallow holds when item is on shelf Option to disallow holds when item is on shelf at the library from which patron is searching
Add  Can place Holds for on-order items The system supports the ability to place holds on titles with status on-order.
Add  Modify all holds on bib record Modify (batch change) all holds attached to a bib record to modify such items as expiration date.
Add  Limit holds by category The system recognizes certain categories of patrons like Card Canceled, Deceased, etc. and will not place holds for these categories.
Add  No holds on non available copies Ability to prevent holds from being placed on volumes with no eligible copies (e.g. all copies have a status of Missing)
Add  Clear holdshelf Specify how long and item should remain on the hold shelf before it is sent to the next patron or to the owning location. Policy should be specified by pickup location and optionally by patron group and type of material. From the staff module, print a list of items that are past this time, and prompt for staff to remove them from the holdshelf and send them to their next location. Cancel the hold for the patron and generate a cancellation notice indicating the reason for the cancellation.