Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Prompt to invoke 'offline' mode Ability for system to automatically prompt staff to invoke an 'offline' mode when communication to the database is lost
Add  Check-in/out capability Ability to perform checkout and checkin transactions in the offline mode (saves checkout data locally to be uploaded to ILS later in the event of internet connectivity problems).
Add  Exceptions/error report Ability to generate an exceptions/error report for loaded transactions
Add  Upload records from offline period Option to have the system upload transactions recorded during the offline period
Add  Archive loaded transactions Option to archive the loaded transactions so they do not need to be manually deleted from each workstation to prevent resubmission
Add  Upload error messages Offline circulation system produces meaningful errors during upload.
Add  Checkout period Ability to easily choose appropriate checkout period in offline circulation.
Add  Checkout receipt Ability to print check-out receipt on request, or repress check-out receipt if desired.