Patron Maintenance

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Patron self-registration
Add  Patron record expire date Patron records can be set to expire on a specified date.
Add  Patron blocking by lost items Ability to block patrons when a patron has too many lost items.
Add  Regular expression (regexp) validation and barcodes Regular expressions can be used to validate barcodes during new patron registration.
Add  Online account registration (self-service) Ability for patrons to register for a new account online.
Add  Warning of patron expiration date Staff client displays warning of upcoming patron expiration date in patron information window.
Add  Two patron info views The system supports two views of patron information: horizontal and vertical.
Add  Dynamic field-level duplicate check during patron registration Ability to perform dynamic (i.e. as each data field is entered) duplicate record checking during the patron registration process
Add  Patron record fields displayed on search results screen Provide details on the patron record fields that display on a patron record search results screen
Add  Specify language for notices Ability to specify a preferred language for notices