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Add  Renewal limit admin setting
Add  Limit items that can be requested Individual libraries can decide which items or groups of items are available for requesting by other libraries
Add  Limits for number of holds placed Specify limits for the number of holds that can be placed at one time. These limits can be specified by patron group and type of material.
Add  Grace period Define an optional grace period, by circulating library, for return of overdue material before a fine is charged.
Add  Record visibility by patron group Specify whether patrons and staff can view authority, bibliographic, order, and item records in staff and public (OPAC) interfaces. Records may be visible to specific workgroups only; to all staff and patrons at specific locations; or to all staff and all patrons.
Add  Claim return limits Set number of claim returns allowed; additional claim returns require supervisor authorization.
Add  Loan rules Create loan rules for circulation policy that specify the recurring fine, maximum fine, number of renewals, and loan duration. Loan rules can be specified for a patron group (i.e. children), library, type of material (i.e. DVD, large print, bestseller). Loan rules should fall back to a default loan rule if a more specific loan rule is not present.
Add  Define statuses for opac suppression Define item/copy status as OPAC visible or suppressed.
Add  Blocks set by system System can block circulation activities (checkouts, renewals, holds) based on penalities defined by criteria in the system. Examples of these types of blocks are patrons that are referred to a collection agency, owe too much money, have too many items overdue. Patron can also be blocked by authorized library staff, who record a reason for the block (i.e. vandalism)
Add  Renewal reuses loan rule When an item is renewed, the circulation policy that was applied when the item was originally checked out is used, even if the applicable policy has subsequently changed.