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Add  Self check-out due date receipts optional Receipt printing is optional at self check-out stations.
Add  Self check-out station print lists Ability to print lists from self check-out stations, including: checked-out items in order of due date; held items; paid and unpaid fines.
Add  Self check-out audible cues Self check-out stations provide audible cues for successful and erroneous check-out.
Add  Self check-out timeout Self check-out stations provide customizable automatic timeout.
Add  Self check out log Include a system log that records on a daily basis how many checkouts and renewals occurred at each terminal per hour.
Add  Self check-out fine payments Ability to view and pay fines at self check-out stations (via cash and credit card).
Add  Self-check renewals Ability to renew items at self check-out station.
Add  Accept payment despite status Ability to accept credit card payment of outstanding fines and fees at the self-service station regardless of the patron's current status (e.g. blocked, expired)
Add  PCI Compliance Ability to accept credit card payment of outstanding fines and fees in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for processing credit card transactions
Add  Display patron account attributes Ability to display the following attributes of a patron's account prior to performing a checkout transaction: Patron name, Patron status, Total items currently checked out, Titles and due dates of current checkouts, Total dollar amount owed, Number of hold requests, Number of available hold requests, Titles and format of available hold requests