Self Check

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Add  Log transactions as self-service Ability to log any completed transaction as being performed at a self-service station as opposed to staff-assisted station (for the purpose of reporting and troubleshooting)
Add  Holds display and update The self check-out station displays holds ready for pickup, then removes each hold as the item is checked out.
Add  View hold position & number of copies In the self-check UI, patrons can view holds and patron position vs. the number of circulating copies.
Add  Same new/renewal receipts For self check receipts, receipts include the same information for renewal as checkouts.
Add  Re-check out, renews In self check and SC (staff client), if a staff member checks out an item to a patron that is already checked out to that patron, the item will simply renew.
Add  Failed to renew note on receipts For self check receipts, receipts include notes on items that failed to renew.