Patron Notification

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Add  Patron notification log Log all notices sent to patron, including patron barcode, date/time, notice type, delivery method
Add  Waive notices Ability for patron to waive specific types of notices (e.g. courtesy notices or first overdue notices).
Add  Notification schedules Ability to schedule different types of notices on a daily basis or several times a day.
Add  Customizable notice content Notice contents are fully configurable by library and can differ between email, SMS, RSS, telephoned, and mailed notices. Content may included calculated fields, e.g. a link to the patron's home library location, or differing information based on patron type.
Add  Emails to patrons on wait list Ability to send emails to patrons who are 1) near the top of the holds queue and 2) have been waiting a long time, to see if they still want the item.
Add  Outreach patron broadcast Ability to send email and text message broadcasts to patrons on a specified route or at a specified stop. (For example, send an alert if a visit is cancelled due to weather.)
Add  Hold cancellation notices Patrons receive hold cancellation notices but do not receive notices when holds expire on the hold shelf.
Add  Telephone notices: unsuccessful System provides a facility to collect and manage unsuccessful telephone notifications and direct them to the appropriate library for correction.
Add  Text messaging: message control System sends one text message per item for each type of notice requested, by default. I.e., patron receives one courtesy reminder per item; one first overdue message per item; one hold pickup notice per item.
Add  Set up email notifications Library staff can configure the sending address and subject line for all types of email notifications