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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Right to left language support in the OPAC Support for right-to-left languages such as Arabic in the OPAC.
Add  Responsive web catalog The OPAC is dynamically responsive for all browsers.
Add  Login portion of OPAC screen customizable Ability for library to customize the login portion of the main OPAC screen
Add  Display number of holds on detailed results screen Ability to display the number of holds on the detailed results record (without a patron logging in)
Add  Hide unused authority records from display Unused authority records can be suppressed from displaying in subject and author browse
Add  Support for embedded HTML5 audio and media Ability for OPAC to use 856 tag to generate HTML5 code that embeds a media player on screen
Add  View items for other libraries on separate tabs Ability for OPAC to display items of the home library prominently while displaying items of other libraries on separate tabs.
Add  Can use library-supplied format icons Ability to display library-supplied format icons
Add  Context senstive help Help messages available based on the function the user is attempting.
Add  Custom error message Library can customize error messages to explain what a patron needs to do if they can't place a hold, find what they want, can't log in, etc.