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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Patrons can share lists with each other
Add  OPAC permalinks The OPAC provides bibliographic record-level and/or item record-level permalinks.
Add  OPAC discoverability OPAC records are discoverable through external search engines.
Add  Sitemap generator
Add  Kid's catalog A catalog designed for children and teens with simplified, customizable search and display features.
Add  Choose language Users can choose a language for searching the OPAC.
Add  Send Copy Location via Text Message Patron can text copy location and call number to self from detail results screen
Add  Opac/pac live links to sites/e-books Live links to websites and e-books (e.g. for NetLibrary, OverDrive) in the staff PAC module as well as the OPAC
Add  Bib and item records have persistent urls Bib and item records have persistent URLs
Add  Browser text size option. Patrons can adjust the text size on all screens.