Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Patron re-place holds Ability for patrons to easily re-place holds
Add  Patron view cancelled holds Ability for patrons to view recently canceled holds
Add  Patron place and cancel holds Patron has ability to view and manage all holds from OPAC. Patrons may place holds and cancel holds.
Add  Patron can set holds wanted dates Patrons can enter Not Wanted After or Not Wanted Before dates.
Add  Hold from brief or detailed results Ability for the patron to place a hold request from either the brief or bibliographic (detailed) results display.
Add  Title/ volume holds vs copy specific When patron places holds on items, it's only on title and volume, not specific copy.
Add  Patron can place a single hold for multiple copies and/or formats of a work. Patron can place single hold for multiple copies from related bibliographic records.
Add  Specify volume in hold request Patron must select one or more desired volumes for hold items that have more than one volume.