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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Available hold suspension prevention Patrons shall be prevented from suspending any hold with an 'available' status
Add  Patron bad address alert Provide an alert to patrons in the My Account view in the OPAC to alert them to a bad address problem.
Add  Export list of items in book bag or user-created list
Add  Save preferred searches Save preferred searches that can be executed at a later date.
Add  View the status of fines, and checked out items. Patrons can view the status of their fines and view a list of items patron has checked out via their online library account.
Add  View outstanding request or hold status on an item. Patrons can check the status of an outstanding request or hold via their library account.
Add  Create personal reading lists that can be sorted, annotated and connect to holds. Patrons can create reading lists that can be sorted, annotated and manage their holds from.
Add  Patron book review display. Patrons can write book reviews that can be found by other users via the OPAC. These reviews can either be held in abeyance for staff review or deemed inappropriate if they contain previously identified language. The system can automatically suppress the display of any review that contains terms deemed unacceptable by Library staff.
Add  Suspend holds by date Patrons can specify a date when their suspended hold will be reactivated.
Add  Hold pickup authorization field in patron library account Patrons can have a list of others authorized to pick up holds (via linked accounts, family accounts).