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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Advanced search shortcuts Expert users can perform advanced searches from the basic search field (e.g. "T:abc" to search Title field for "abc").
Add  Searches are broadened by word stemming. Searches are broadened by word stemming, i.e., word tenses are also searched.
Add  Alternate spelling option. System offers alternate spellings for search terms.
Add  Favorite searches Patrons can save their favorite searches in the personal library account. Patrons can opt in/out to have the system remember their common activities and destinations while using the OPAC.
Add  Boolean search criteria Users can search using the Boolean search criteria in the basic search field.
Add  Fuzzy matching System offers near match based on relevance, such as apiary for bees.
Add  Search results near matches System offers near alphabetical match for unsuccessful search results.
Add  Faceted search Users can expand search or limit search via sidebar links.
Add  Sort series in series order Users can sort series titles in series order when using Advanced Search.
Add  Searches by location Users can search for items by limiting to a certain branch or many.