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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Group serials issues in OPAC Group serials issues in OPAC by chronology or enumeration (can vary by branch).
Add  Create new checkin cards Create new checkin cards
Add  Serials holdings records A serials holdings record holds bibliographic and holdings information for serials subscriptions. A holdings record includes a summary of holdings statement field, including library locations that can be edited and reordered in any order. Serials holdings record notes can be sorted in reverse chronological order.
Add  Generate check in boxes based on checkin record pattern Generate check in boxes based on checkin record pattern
Add  Check in issues Check in issues
Add  Move magazines from shelf to circulate Receiving new issue causes previous issue to go automatically into holdable status.
Add  View serials subscription information Ability to view subscription information for all libraries, by title, by call number range, by publication date, etc.
Add  Delete serials checkin record Delete serials checkin record
Add  Serials vendor title number Store the vendor title number to facilitate the claiming and reordering process.
Add  Serials issue status List and edit serials issues by status (expected, received, late)