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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Serials subsription date Track serials subscription start and end dates
Add  Suppress or hide checkin from opac display Suppress or hide checkin from OPAC display
Add  Display holdings and issues in opac Display holdings and issues in OPAC
Add  Create serials check in record A serials holdings record holds bibliographic and holdings information for serials subscriptions. A holdings record includes a summary of holdings statement field, including library locations that can be edited.
Add  Read MARC 86x tags Support for MARC 86X tags for managing serial publications
Add  Integrated with acq subsytem Full integration with the Acquisitions subsystem , including shared access to vendors, funds, EDI processing, and ordering
Add  Clone subscription rec Ability to clone a subscription copy record when creating an additional subscription to the same title
Add  Serials: volume control System provides a flexible and precise way to catalog and control serial items, such as magazines, encyclopedias, television series, serial novels, etc. The serial title, volume/year, and issue/episode must be stored in a way that 1) provides holdings information in a clear and readable way, 2) makes the sequence of issues/episodes clear, 3) allows patrons to request specific titles, volumes, or issues, and 4) can be updated in a non-labor-intensive way.
Add  Vendor title number field Include the vendor title number in the serials record to facilitate claiming and reordering.
Add  Subscription start and renewal dates Subscription start and renewal dates