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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Save pattern as templates Ability to save patterns as templates for future use
Add  Define enumeration levels & lables Ability to define enumeration levels and labels, including: up to five levels of enumeration, a library-defined display label for each enumeration level, the ability for the system to automatically increment both alpha and numeric entries, the ability to specify if each level is continuous or restarts when the parent level increments.
Add  Update patterns Ability to update prediction patterns when publishers change frequency
Add  Base irregular pattern on regular pattern Ability to use a "regular" publication pattern as the starting point for defining an "irregular" pattern, with the ability to omit, add or combine issues in the pattern
Add  Specify day of the week for next issue Ability to specify a day of the week for the next expected issue prediction
Add  Create publication pattern when 891 entry present Ability to create publication patterns automatically when loading a bib record that has an 891 entry
Add  Specify irregular patterns Ability to specify completely irregular patterns where no expected date or chronology is required
Add  Define record to all copies of a title Ability to define a single prediction record that applies to all copies of a given title
Add  Auto update after edit Ability to automatically update remaining predictions after deleting or modifying an expected issue
Add  Staff specified no. Ability for library staff to specify the number of issues to predict and display