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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Multiple serial issue types Ability to specify when adding a regular issue, supplemental issue, index issue, etc. Ability to specify additional types of issues to picklist.
Add  Checkin record user defined fields Set up user defined fields in checkin records with a controlled vocabulary (drop down list). The fields can be designated as required fields when an order is created or edited
Add  Specify sort sequence for issues Ability to specify the sorting sequence for special issues lacking enumeration and/or chronology
Add  Free text for special issues Ability to enter free text for enumeration and/or chronology for special issues
Add  Single command 'unreceive' Ability to 'unreceive' an issue with a single command, All associated item records shall be deleted, Summary holdings statements shall be appropriately updated, Expected issue information shall be appropriately updated, Public and staff displays of the holdings shall be appropriately updated
Add  Copy-level claiming period Ability to define a copy-level claiming period for issues not received within X days of the expected receipt date.
Add  Unlimited issues per copy rec Ability to receive an unlimited number of issues on any copy record
Add  Edit chron & enumeration during receiving Ability edit chronology and enumeration in the receiving function
Add  Default issue price Ability to specify a default issue price for each serial control record that is associated with each received issue's item record
Add  Receive issues without barcode Ability to receive issues and create associated copy records without requiring the assignment of an item barcode