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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Current issue non-circulating Ability for the system to automatically designate the latest issue of a periodical as non-circulating, and change the designation to "circulating" when the next issue is received
Add  Cannot receive on another branchs subscription Ability to restrict receiving to copy records associated with the local branch (i.e. prevent staff from receiving an issue on another branch's subscription)
Add  Restrict search to local branch Ability to restrict search results to subscriptions held by the local branch
Add  View issues in proper sequence Ability to display received issues in their proper sequence even if issues are received out of sequence
Add  View issues by chronology Ability to display received issues by ascending or descending chronology
Add  View received issues by enumeration Ability to display received issues by ascending or descending enumeration
Add  Search titles by any field Ability to search for periodical titles by any of the following fields: periodical title (excludes non-periodical titles), item barcode, ISSN
Add  Summary holdings statements Ability to automatically create and update Summary Holdings Statements