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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Map function keys Ability to map function keys to launch associated functions in a single step
Add  Query tool System provides a user-friendly interface for designing queries against all record types. Staff can select fields to query; select values from picklist of possible values; select regular expressions from drop-down menu, and use a full range of Boolean operators. Administrators control staff access to tables and fields.
Add  Clickable urls URLs in bibliographic and item records are clickable, and launch in a new web-browser window when clicked.
Add  Record sharing Ability for multiple staff members and patrons to simultaneously access and update patron and item records, including on staff terminals, on self check-out stations, and in OPAC. Depend on assigned privileges, staff can view all patron and item fields; pa
Add  Date format Consistent date format used throughout the application
Add  Batch update (global / rapid update) Update groups of records based on users entered criteria.
Add  Prompt to save unsaved data on screen Prompt to save unsaved data on a screen before closing the screen.
Add  Contextual help System supports addition of custom, context-sensitive help on any page.
Add  Highlight record changes Ability to display edited fields in a highlighted color until changes are saved.
Add  Tabbing Ability to tab through fields while creating and editing all record types.