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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Hide lost/missing copies in public search Ability for Library to suppress the display of Lost or Missing copies in the public search and discovery interface
Add  Display search one title per line Ability to display a search results screen with each title occupying a single line in the results display.
Add  Enriched content display Ability to display of enriched content from various providers, including: cover art, table of contents, chapter summaries, excerpts, author information and professional book reviews.
Add  Retrieve last viewed record Ability to retrieve last viewed record (patron, item, title, etc.) with a single click .
Add  Hyperlink to other titles via headings Ability to hyperlink from a title's authorized headings to other titles using the heading
Add  Hide from public view Ability to conceal item or bibliographic records from public view but have them visible in the staff client
Add  Filter by date record added Ability to filter search results by the date on which the record was added to the database
Add  Filter by MARC encoding Ability to filter search results by the MARC encoding level
Add  Search MARC tags Ability to specify one or more MARC tags to search in a single query
Add  Exact phrase Ability to specify an exact phrase search