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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Change workstation operator Ability to change workstation operator between temporary, staff, or permanent.
Add  Windows 7 64-bit workstations
Add  Client software updates Client software installation and updates can be centrally managed, using standard or proprietary network management tools, allowing streaming updates from server. Ability to specify specific clients to be updated. Client software can be managed with VNC and Remote Desktop.
Add  Accounts independent from workstation Staff and group accounts are independent from workstations; client install should not be tied to a specific location.
Add  Low bandwidth (cable or DSL) okay for staff use System is able to provide acceptable access to Staff Client over cable modems or DSL connections
Add  Web-Based Staff Client
Add  Https encrypted communication Ability to apply https encrypted communication to any patron data that is transmitted across the network
Add  Workstation history
Add  Streamlined copy information More streamlined display of copy information including number of copies, copy status, and number of holds in both staff client interface and patron OPAC.
Add  Staff info on pre-defined messages Added the ability to pre-define messages, populated in a drop-down menu, to record the date and staff who applied the message.