Circulation Reports

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Items borrowed (ILL) Number of items borrowed via ILL during a specified date range
Add  Sort expired holds List of Expired Holds--Ability to sort the list by patron last name in order to retrieve the items from the public available holds shelf
Add  Claims returned List of Claims Returned
Add  Transaction statistics for common actions Transaction Statistics-- Ability to report on number of: checkouts, checkins, patron registrations, bibliographic records added, item records added
Add  Stats by date range, and filter and sort Transaction Statistics-- Ability to filter and sort results by login, branch, patron type, material type; and to generate statistical reports by a specified date range.
Add  Check-out transaction log Log transactional data about check-outs: date, time, location, patron type, zipcode, title, type (first-time or renewal). Remove patron identifying information.
Add  Circulation activity history Ability for staff to view circulation transactions log. Patrons' personal identifying information is stripped out. Depending on assigned privileges, staff can view all data, or aggregate data.
Add  Count check-outs and renewals Count all check-outs and renewals per item.
Add  Circulation dashboard System provides a circulation dashboard showing key performace indicators such as check-outs per hour, check-ins per hour, holds placed per hour, holds paged per day, etc. Indicators can be limited to a single branch or set to systemwide.
Add  Patrons with overdues Print a list of overdue information. Fields included in report Patron barcode, Name, Patron Type,barcode item number overdue, price of item overdue, due date of item, report total amount of items overdue.