Collection Reports

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Add  Missing and damaged items by branch report The system provides reports of missing and damaged items per branch.
Add  Number of materials by type Report lists material types and tells how many materials belong to each type. Fields included: Material type, Description of type, total number of materials, total of all types
Add  Average price Report on the average price of items by material type, location, or classification scheme.
Add  Average loan time Librarian can generate a report that measures how long items are being used. Librarian can choose limits on checked out date, returns, borrower category, and material type.
Add  Popular items by time period report Staff can select a time period (week, monthly,yearly, range) of most popular items in the library. Number of books on list can be limited by librarian. Fields included: issue date, Branch/Library, Material Type.
Add  Overdue materials report Lists all overdue materials, total amount of fines accrued per item, total amount to replace items
Add  Publisher statistics report Statistics relating to publishers. Report fields: Publisher's name, Number of materials in library by this publisher, total dollar value of materials by this publisher, number of materials with a price, Average Price
Add  Material by author report List of materials by authors. Report information includes number of materials in the database by the author and the author's name.
Add  Info about material by call number Information about materials according to their call number groupings. Information grouped by Dewey class 000, 100, 200, etc and can be broken down into sub class 00X. Fields included: Group, Subgroup, Number of materials, total dollar value, etc.
Add  Bib statistics by period Generate statistics for a time period (monthly, quarterly) based on new bibliographic and item records, added copies, and deleted bibliographic records and items.