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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Triggered events Ability to configure automatically triggered events (e.g. sending a notification when a patron's library card expires).
Add  Unicode compliance Unicode compliance.
Add  Data validation Ability to specify default value, data validation, automatic formatting, and required status for any field.
Add  Customizable displays Ability to customize items that appear on displays, default sort orders, colors, etc.
Add  Track deletions Ability to count and track record deletions (e.g. item records, patron records) per location and per system.
Add  Unlimited number of temporary record sets Unlimited number of temporary record sets (aka buckets, query result sets, selection lists, etc.). Record sets can be the basis for batch field updates or for deleting original records; can be used as a limiting scope for subsequent queries; and can be exported.
Add  Unique record identifiers Unique record identifiers
Add  Last updated date System stores a last updated date for all records.
Add  Created date System records a created date for all records.
Add  Unlimited records No limitations on the size or number of records other than that imposed by infrastructure (i.e. available storage space).