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Add  Web usability The catalog website, patron account website, and related components use standards-compliant HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JAVA, ASP.NET, and/or ColdFusion code which is fully within the control of the Library. Global and contextual navigation elements are fully customizable. The web architecture supports the embedding of custom code, widgets, and data extracted from external APIs. Catalog website and related components must be Section 508 compliant.
Add  View date/time stamp for recent updates Ability for any staff login to view the date/time stamp and login for the most recent update to any record in the system
Add  View historical transactions Ability for permissioned staff to review historical transactions (checkouts, returns, hold requests, hold fulfillment, record edits/deletes/creation) along with the date, time, login associated with each transaction
Add  Purge expired patron Ability to run periodic purges of expired patron records
Add  Forward Back Browser navigation For Web-based clients, the ability to navigate using the browser's forward and back functions
Add  Support for Windows GUI standards For Windows-based clients, the ability to perform editing and navigation functions in compliance with the Microsoft Windows graphical user interface standards
Add  Extract and modify data via APIs Ability for the library to develop functionality and extract, manipulate or modify data through web services and other APIs.
Add  Tab delimited export Ability to export all bibliographic records, item records, serial holdings, patron records, circulation transactions (holds, checkouts, fines, fees), serial predictions, orders, vendors, and fund data in a delimited format.
Add  Support for most browsers Ability to run on any current browser
Add  Support for multiple Linux varieties