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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Can run in Virtual Environment
Add  Z39.50 server Z39.50 Server
Add  SRW/SRU web service standards Support the SRW/U (Search & Retrieve Web Service/Search & Retrieve URL Service) web Service Standards
Add  Z39.50 client Z39.50 Client Module
Add  Support multiple barcode types Can store barcode numbers in any format and does not insist on any particular symbology or checkdigit algorithm.
Add  Log files System provides full access to all log files. Log files can be reviewed without stopping system. Logs can be enabled, disabled, and set to a specific retention threshold.
Add  Barcodes must be unique Item record barcodes and patron record barcodes must be unique. Alert staff when duplicate barcodes are entered, and prevent assignment of duplicate barcodes.
Add  Secure protocol support System supports secure protocols, including SFTP, SSL, and SSH. SFTP is supported in both active and passive modes, configurable per vendor.
Add  Server clustering Ability to cluster servers for failover capability.
Add  System documentation System documentation is library-specific and follows standard formats for technical documentation. Documentation is specific to the particular version of the software in use at library. Documentation is web-based, indexed, organized by function, and easily searchable.