Feature: Long overdue circulation management


Special settings and actions for items that are long overdue (i.e. very late) but not known to be missing.

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Software Rundown

Software Status Notes
Koha 3.20 (2015) ?
Evergreen 2.8 (2015) YES

A new Action/Trigger reactor (MarkItemLongOverdue) and sample event definition (6 Month Overdue Mark Long-Overdue) are included for marking circulations and their associated copies as long overdue. New Library Settings (Org Unit Settings) determine whether the item price and/or a processing fee is applied.

A secondary Action/Trigger hook (longoverdue.auto) and sample event definition (6 Month Long Overdue Notice) are added so that (email, etc.) notifications can be sent when a circulation is marked long overdue via this new automated process.

Also included is a new Action/Trigger validator PatronNotInCollections, which can be used to prevent long overdue processing (or any circ-based event definition) for patrons that are in collections processing at (or above) the circulating library.

Check-in of long overdue items may result in any of the following actions, depending on configuration.
- Void the copy price billing
- Void the long-overdue processing fee billing
- Reinstate voided overdue fines

The process is practically identical to Lost processing. However, one difference between Lost and Long Overdue check-in is that the window of time during which a long overdue item may be returned may be based on the due date (like Lost) or the last billing activity date (last payment, last billing). This is controlled with the ""Long-Overdue Check-In Interval Uses Last Activity Date"" Library Setting. (2.5)