Feature: Support for Smartphones


Smartphones can be used for searching catalog, placing holds, and accessing patron account

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Software Rundown

Software Status Notes
Evergreen 2.8 (2015) YES

SlimPAC is an html only OPAC for Evergreen supports mobile phone catalog access. Evergreen ‘out of the box’ has an HTML only OPAC available known as SlimPAC. The minimum specifications for users accessing the catalog from a mobile device will require a browser that supports HTML only pages. Now that Evergreen has incorporated the Template Toolkit for delivering the OPAC, support for mobile devices will be much improved.

Koha 3.20 (2015) YES

New OPAC theme in release 3.10 includes a mobile view with several preferences: OpacMainUserBlockMobile- alternate content for MainUserBlock for mobile; OPACMobileUserCSS- custom CSS for mobile views only; and options for pull down menus for indexes and library lists.