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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  3M/Checkpoint compatibility General SIP2 support including E-Commerce with 3M
Add  Accept individual library cards General Each participating library in a shared system can have their own library card (separate library cards)
Add  Accept payment despite status Self Check Ability to accept credit card payment of outstanding fines and fees at the self-service station regardless of the patron's current status (e.g. blocked, expired)
Add  Accounting audit trail Reporting Provide a read only report of financial transactions including the user, date, time, and amount of the transaction.
Add  Accounts independent from workstation System Staff and group accounts are independent from workstations; client install should not be tied to a specific location.
Add  Acquisitions ad hoc reports Reporting Report tool to create ad hoc reports for acquisitions as needed
Add  Acquisitions LineItem Order Identifiers Ordering Ability to specify the identifier value to use for lineitems when communicating order information to vendors. Supported identifier types include ISBN, ISSN, and UPC. Order identifier values are relayed to vendors via EDI and print PO.
Add  ADA-compliant text Search Significant web page elements shall have ADA compliant equivalents.
Add  Add barcode images to receipts and notices Patron Notification The system can add a patron or item barcode image to receipts and notices.
Add  Add budgeted amounts to funds Fund Management Ability to add budgeted amounts for funds and track encumbrances, expenditures, and remaining available amounts