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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  View historical transactions General Ability for permissioned staff to review historical transactions (checkouts, returns, hold requests, hold fulfillment, record edits/deletes/creation) along with the date, time, login associated with each transaction
Add  Import shelved item barcodes Inventory Control Ability to import an ASCII delimited file of item barcodes representing shelved items within a specified call number range
Add  Deleted flag for copy locations Inventory Control A "deleted" flag for collection locations that allow locations to be deleted without losing historical statistics and information about the location.
Add  Mobile inventory Inventory Control Support inventory processes on mobile devices.
Add  Inventory control performed online Inventory Control Inventory control can be performed online
Add  Print from holdings maint. screen Labels Ability to print spine and other material labels from an item or bibliographic record display
Add  Specify bib/item elements to use Labels Ability to specify which elements of the bibliographic and item records to include in label outputs
Add  Robust labelling capabilities Labels Ability to specify: label dimensions, labels per row and column, font, # of lines, hard line breaks, and number of labels per item
Add  Define label templates Labels Ability to define multiple label templates with default values
Add  Share label templates Labels Ability to share label templates among multiple users