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Add  Session lengths configurable by IP address range General Ability to set separate session lengths based on browser IP address ranges. For example, web sessions expire sooner for public computers inside the Library than for remote computers.
Add  Unique record identifiers General Unique record identifiers
Add  Secure protocol support General System supports secure protocols, including SFTP, SSL, and SSH. SFTP is supported in both active and passive modes, configurable per vendor.
Add  Triggered events General Ability to configure automatically triggered events (e.g. sending a notification when a patron's library card expires).
Add  Last updated date General System stores a last updated date for all records.
Add  Support for multiple Linux varieties General
Add  Created date General System records a created date for all records.
Add  Server clustering General Ability to cluster servers for failover capability.
Add  Unlimited records General No limitations on the size or number of records other than that imposed by infrastructure (i.e. available storage space).
Add  System documentation General System documentation is library-specific and follows standard formats for technical documentation. Documentation is specific to the particular version of the software in use at library. Documentation is web-based, indexed, organized by function, and easily searchable.