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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Title index / search Search Users can search by title.
Add  Text messaging: message control Patron Notification System sends one text message per item for each type of notice requested, by default. I.e., patron receives one courtesy reminder per item; one first overdue message per item; one hold pickup notice per item.
Add  Ten characters allowed for fund designation Fund Management Has ability to specify at least 10 characters for each fund designation
Add  Telephone notification for hold pickups Outbound Telephony Telephone notification for hold pickups identifies the pickup location and the date the hold will expire.
Add  Telephone notices: unsuccessful Patron Notification System provides a facility to collect and manage unsuccessful telephone notifications and direct them to the appropriate library for correction.
Add  Telephone notices: SMS text messages. Outbound Telephony Staff can notify patrons via automated SMS text messages.
Add  Tax as single line item Invoicing Ability to assign tax amount as a single invoice line linked to a special tax fund
Add  Target pickup location first if there is an available item Holds System can be configured to try to fill holds from items at the pickup location first.
Add  Target for federated searching Standards and protocols Catalog can be a target for federated searching.
Add  Tabbing General Ability to tab through fields while creating and editing all record types.