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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  View date created Item Record Ability to view date item created from a single item record screen
Add  View date last edited Item Record Ability to view date item last edited from a single item record screen: Date item last edited
Add  View date/time stamp for recent updates General Ability for any staff login to view the date/time stamp and login for the most recent update to any record in the system
Add  View details of fees in patron record Patron Maintenance Ability from the patron record to view the history of all fines and fee payments, along with the date paid and staff login used
Add  View details without leaving list Search Ability to highlight any results entry and see additional bibliographic details for the title without leaving the results list screen
Add  View full MARC record Display Patrons can view the full MARC record when reviewing the bibliographic record of an item.
Add  View historical transactions General Ability for permissioned staff to review historical transactions (checkouts, returns, hold requests, hold fulfillment, record edits/deletes/creation) along with the date, time, login associated with each transaction
Add  View hold position & number of copies Self Check In the self-check UI, patrons can view holds and patron position vs. the number of circulating copies.
Add  View issues by chronology Receiving Ability to display received issues by ascending or descending chronology
Add  View issues in proper sequence Receiving Ability to display received issues in their proper sequence even if issues are received out of sequence