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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  View date last edited Item Record Ability to view date item last edited from a single item record screen: Date item last edited
Add  View date created Item Record Ability to view date item created from a single item record screen
Add  View current checkouts in patron record Patron Maintenance Ability from the patron record to view a list of current checkouts and hyperlink to the full bibliographic and item detail for any listed title
Add  View copies, holds, and check-out status General Ability to see number of copies, checkout status, and number of holds all on one screen (Staff interface and patron interface)
Add  View and edit multiple records General Ability to view two or more records simultaneously, aligned either horizontally or vertically. Ability to copy and paste between records.
Add  View accrued fines Fines and Fees Ability to view accrued fines to date for overdue materials
Add  View account summary My Account Patrons can review their account via the OPAC, including status of checked out items, renewals, holds, bills, and reading lists.
Add  Vendor title number field General Include the vendor title number in the serials record to facilitate claiming and reordering.
Add  Vendor discount rate Ordering Ability to set a discount rate in vendor record, or enter a discount rate for a specific item during ordering
Add  Vendor assigned invoice date Invoicing Ability to input a vendor assigned invoice date