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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  US MARC21 standards General Fully implement US MARC 21 standards.
Add  URL verification (link checker) Bibliographic Record Wizard-style interface that walks a staff member through the process of collecting records and URLs to verify and review.
Add  URL checker General Provide a utility to automatically check all URLs found in bibliographic and item records. Provide an interface for checking and correcting invalid URLs identified by the utility.
Add  upload scanned invoice to acquisition record Ordering Ability to upload a scanned invoice to an acquisition order record.
Add  Upload records from offline period Offline Option to have the system upload transactions recorded during the offline period
Add  Upload error messages Offline Offline circulation system produces meaningful errors during upload.
Add  Update patterns Prediction Ability to update prediction patterns when publishers change frequency
Add  Unsuspend requests Holds Staff have the ability to unsuspend (unfreeze) a suspended (frozen) request
Add  Unsuppression capability Bibliographic Record Ability to unsuppress any previously suppressed title
Add  Unreceive orders Receiving Ability to unreceive orders