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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Unicode compliance General Unicode compliance.
Add  Unified search products System integrates with products which offer a unified search of the local OPAC, library databases, other library resources, and other library collections.
Add  Unique Management Service (UMS) General Ability to interface with Unique Management Services for reporting of delinquent accounts
Add  Unique record identifiers General Unique record identifiers
Add  Unlimited funds, vendors (providers), and purchase orders. General The system can handle unlimited numbers of funds, purchase orders, invoices, etc. Purchase orders/ invoices can contain unlimited lineitems / copies.
Add  Unlimited issues per copy rec Receiving Ability to receive an unlimited number of issues on any copy record
Add  Unlimited item records per bib rec Bibliographic Record Ability to link an unlimited number of item records to a single bibliographic record
Add  Unlimited number of temporary record sets General Unlimited number of temporary record sets (aka buckets, query result sets, selection lists, etc.). Record sets can be the basis for batch field updates or for deleting original records; can be used as a limiting scope for subsequent queries; and can be exported.
Add  Unlimited patron transactions General No limit on the number of patron transactions over time, such as check-out or check-in.
Add  Unlimited records General No limitations on the size or number of records other than that imposed by infrastructure (i.e. available storage space).