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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Add charts and graphs Reporting Include charts and graphs in reports where appropriate.
Add  Add extra copies to invoice Invoicing System supports invoicing extra copies when a vendor sends more copies that what was ordered and staff decide to keep the extra copies.
Add  Add item with no barcode Item Record It is possible to add an item without a barcode (e.g. an electronic resource)
Add  Add manual fines Fines and Fees Authorized staff can add a manual bill to a patron record. Record the staff, location, and the reason for the bill along with the amount.
Add  Add notes during receiving Receiving Ability to flag orders or add notes during the receiving and cataloging process; e.g. 'show to selector before receiving'.
Add  Add order comments during receiving Receiving Staff can add comments to the order when the order is received.
Add  Add patron record Patron Maintenance Authorized staff can add patron records.
Add  Add rows in advanced search Search Users can add more search criteria row when using Advanced Search.
Add  Add staff users Policies and Permissions Add staff users
Add  Adjust fines Fines and Fees Authorized staff can adjust the amount of an exisiting bill.