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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Adjust line item copies and locations Ordering Ability to adjust the number of copies received and their destinations prior to saving all selected Line Items
Add  Advanced search shortcuts Search Expert users can perform advanced searches from the basic search field (e.g. "T:abc" to search Title field for "abc").
Add  Aggregate functions Reporting Reports support aggregate functions such as sum, min, max, average, and count.
Add  ALA and diacritics supported General Ability to create, import, edit, store, display and export records containing the full extended ALA character set including diacritics
Add  Alert for last copy delete (flag naked bibs) Item Record Alert users when deleting the last copy of a title in the system so that the user can decide whether the bib record should also be deleted. Naked bib.
Add  Alerts then fines display Checkout During check-out, the patron's fines list is visible. If there is an alert, the alert page will show first, then fines screen.
Add  All information accessible by 3rd party tool or by built in reporting tool Reporting All information accessible by 3rd party tool or by built in reporting tool
Add  Alternate spelling option. Search System offers alternate spellings for search terms.
Add  And, or, and not Search Ability to input search operators AND, OR, and NOT
Add  Annotation of payments Fines and Fees Staff can annotate payments and add notes to a specific billing.