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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Annual report Circulation Reports Report by circulating location and type of material, total circulations and renewals
Add  Apply tags to funds Fund Management Staff can create tags and apply them to funds to group them. A fund may have multiple tags. A tag can be applied multiple funds.
Add  Aquabrowser OPAC enhancements System interfaces with Aquabrowser
Add  Archive deleted items Collection Maintain archive of deleted items for statistical reporting.
Add  Archive loaded transactions Offline Option to archive the loaded transactions so they do not need to be manually deleted from each workstation to prevent resubmission
Add  Assign multiple permission groups to a staff member Policies and Permissions Ability to assign multiple permission groups to a staff member, for example for staff members who have more than one role in the library. For example, a staff person may be assigned both "cataloger" and "selector" permission groups.
Add  Assign payment reason Fines and Fees Ability to assign the following payment reasons: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Cancel, Forgive, Other
Add  Associate bill with an item depending on bill reason. Fines and Fees If a bill is related to item, record and link the related item to the bill
Add  Associate lending terms and fees Interlibrary Loan Ability to associate lending terms and fees with the record
Add  Associate multiple orders/locations to bib record Ordering Multiple orders, including multiple locations and funds, can be associated with a single bibliographic record