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Add  Attach item record from template Collection Use templates and bibliographic records to fill in default values on item records.Attach an item record to a bibliographic record, using a template to fill in default values and prompt for required data. Allow the creation and selection of different types of templates for different types of material.
Add  Attach single and multiple items General Ability to attach single and multiple items to a bibliographic record.
Add  Audio and visual alerts replace pop ups General
Add  Audio signal handling System Audio signals signify check-in handling for various item statuses (hold shelf, re-shelve, lost item, etc.) Audible beep for user alerts and when barcode is scanned, when a local hold is triggered, when a transit hold is triggered, and when check-in is complete. Audio signals can be customized for each trigger, on a systemwide basis. Audio signals can be disabled for the current session or the current user.
Add  Audit trail General System creates a transaction log when records are updated or deleted during batch processes.
Add  Auditor requirements General Software must facilitate validation of ordering, receiving, and invoicing processes using validated data, to satisfy auditor requirements.
Add  Author index / search Search Users can search by author name.
Add  Authority heading browse Authority Control Use authority files to facilitate catalog browsing of name and subject headings.
Add  Authority issues warning Authority Control Ability to generate a warning when saving a bibliographic record that contains a new or invalid authority:
Add  Authority Merge functionality Authority Control The authority import now matches bibliographic import in overlay/merge functionality.