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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Authorized staff view patron PIN Patron Maintenance Ability for authorized staff to view the library-assigned PIN number associated with a patron's account
Add  Authorized users can create shelving and branch locations Policies and Permissions Authorized users can create, edit, and delete shelving and branch locations.
Add  Auto flag patron record if email bounces Patron Notification Ability to automatically flag a patron's record if an email notification bounces
Add  Auto Generate Sequential Barcode Receiving The system supports sequential barcode generation for ease of receiving and processing of new items and easily changing large groups of barcodes. There is a choice to use auto generated barcodes in interfaces where they would normally be used (such as receiving). Some parameters about the barcode symbology may need to be entered in the admin interface to correctly calculate the barcodes.
Add  Auto generated records via 9xx or 852 Item Record Ability to automatically generate item records from 9xx or 852 entries in new bibliographic records
Add  Auto info in messages and notes Patron Maintenance Automatically enter date, user, and location in messages and notes
Add  Auto patron notification of cancelled order Ordering Supports the ability to set up automatic patron notification when an on-order title is cancelled
Add  Auto Suggest in Catalog Searches Search The auto suggest feature suggestions for completing search terms as the user enters his search query. Scroll through suggestions with your mouse, or use the arrow keys to scroll through the suggestions. Select a suggestion to view records that are linked to this suggestion
Add  Auto update after edit Prediction Ability to automatically update remaining predictions after deleting or modifying an expected issue
Add  Automated claiming General Automated claiming system for all types of materials (including serials). Characteristics include: configurable default claim cycle for unreceived items (e.g. six months); ability to configure specific claim cycles for some vendors; electronic claiming for vendors who support it; facilitation of a manual claiming process; ability to force a claim outside of the defined claim cycle; ability to 'claim again'.