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Add  Automated telephone notification Outbound Telephony System provides a telephone notification system, by which patrons receive automated telephone calls for specified events, e.g. courtesy notices, overdue notices, hold pickup notices. The telephone notification system supports multiple trunks.
Add  Automatic processing of serials that cease publication General Automatic processing of periodicals that cease publication. Close MARC record via 008, 260, 362 fields; add notes to check-in record; delete unreceived issues from check-in system.
Add  Automatic renewal of materials Checkout The system can be configured to allow automatic renewals of checked-out materials until a maximum number of renewals has occurred, or another patron places a hold/request on the materials.
Add  Automatic update of bibliographic records when authority record is updated. Authority Control Bibliographic records are automatically updated when a linked authority record is modified.
Add  Automatically cancel hold on missing items Holds Ability to automatically cancel outstanding holds when the last qualifying copy is identified as Missing
Add  Automatically generate prediction patterns General The system perform automatic generation of prediction patterns
Add  Availability status General Library can define availability status of items based on item status and other criteria. For example, items may show as available only when their status is "on shelf", or when their status is either "on shelf" or "just returned", etc. This definition is the basis of availability display and "limit to available" searches.
Add  Available hold suspension prevention My Account Patrons shall be prevented from suspending any hold with an 'available' status
Add  Average loan time Collection Reports Librarian can generate a report that measures how long items are being used. Librarian can choose limits on checked out date, returns, borrower category, and material type.
Add  Average price Collection Reports Report on the average price of items by material type, location, or classification scheme.