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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Average time to fill holds Circulation Reports Report on the minimum, maximum, and average time to fill holds by type of material.
Add  Backdate series Checkin Ability to backdate a series of checkins to a specified date and time
Add  Backdated fines removed Fines and Fees Any fines resulting from original check-in are removed once retroactively backdated.
Add  Bad addresses alert Patron Maintenance Staff are alerted to bad addresses
Add  Barcode index / search Search Users can search for a barcode.
Add  Barcode scanning General All modules support barcode scanning consistently; for example the existence of an auto-return suffix has the same effect in all modules.
Add  Barcodes must be unique General Item record barcodes and patron record barcodes must be unique. Alert staff when duplicate barcodes are entered, and prevent assignment of duplicate barcodes.
Add  Base irregular pattern on regular pattern Prediction Ability to use a "regular" publication pattern as the starting point for defining an "irregular" pattern, with the ability to omit, add or combine issues in the pattern
Add  Batch bib record removal Bibliographic Record Selection criteria are provided for identifying titles to be discarded in a batch (e.g. for weeding).
Add  Batch change pickup location among all holds Holds Ability to change pickup location for all holds with a specified current pickup location.